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Bridging the gap
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At ITSI, we are passionate about bringing academic institutions and technology together. Digital learning is about more than merely adding technology to the classroom. It is a versatile term that means different things to different institutions.

In its broadest sense, digital learning is using technology as digital course materials, online learning management systems, or virtual classrooms to enhance a student’s learning experience.

World-class software,
training, and support

ITSI helps tertiary education institutions combine the best academic and educational practices with the latest technology. The skilled ITSI team assists with all the institution’s e-learning requirements.

We partner with distributors and providers of educational content, resources, services, and e-books to provide an end-to-end solution to suit each institution’s individual needs. We work closely with our clients to deliver world-class software, training, and support.

A holistic approach

To ensure a holistic approach to education, ITSI combines the services of content and LMS providers that follow an ‘education-first’ approach. ITSI uses systems whose resources and additional content can be added as annotations inside the student’s e-book or in an institution’s study material.

We provide tools to create assessments, class tests, flashcards, and more to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Furthermore, we understand the importance of analytics in a data-driven environment.

Books and resources

Our wide range of hard copy books, e-books, free material, and other resources can take your teaching to the next level.

  • Successfully manage the selection, assignment, and allocation of e-books and learning content through a dedicated school portal.
  • Save costs through simplified book management.
  • Assign self-created or proprietary content to individuals, groups, classes, and more.
  • Save costs on the printing of class notes, handouts, and assignments.
  • Access content, including e-books and notes, offline. Content is backed up and can be recovered at no additional cost.

E-learning support

Take advantage of our in-house support team to ensure that your institution’s e-learning is set up correctly and runs smoothly.

You have various support options to choose from:

Ad-hoc support
Choose our ad-hoc support option and use our team only when you need them (no fixed monthly charge, price per quote).

Monthly subscription package
Choose one of our monthly subscription packages for regular on-site support.



miEbooks is the perfect digital teaching and learning companion. Here’s why:
  • With miEbooks, students have access to all their curriculum content and learning resources on a single app.
  • The app allows them to highlight important content, add their own notes, generate automated summaries, or even create digital flashcards to revise their work easily.
  • All notes and annotations are backed up when users connect to the internet, meaning no lost books or notes.
  • Once downloaded, all the content is also available offline.
Available for download from the following app stores:

Download miEbooks for free

Study anytime, anywhere, even offline
Take your classroom with you wherever you go.

Access all your e-books and resources via our free e-reader, miEbooks. The miEbooks e-reader works on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The app can be found on all the major app stores; Apple App Store, Android Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Mac App Store.

Develop ‘brain changers’

Become a higher education institution that facilitates 21st-century global competencies. Teach educators to be ‘brain changers’ who enable learners to use 21st-century skills to:




Become critical

Learning Paths

A learning pathway (or learning path) is described as the chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of activities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. ITSI added Learning Paths to take learners on their own journey through the curriculum.

Learning Paths is a useful metacognitive tool to help learners think about their learning. It also offers teachers a more coherent way to manage and track curriculum delivery.


The beauty of flashcards lies in their simplicity: small bits of information are added to a card and flipping the card reveals corresponding information that helps learners memorise large quantities of work, bit by bit.

Correct flashcard use is one of the most effective forms of brain-based learning.

Flashcards are built into the ITSI offering so that teachers can create card decks and share them with their learners. Learners can access shared flashcards or create their own in the miEbooks app.

Learners who include flashcards as one of their study tools and use them properly will immediately start seeing the benefits of doing so.

Most learners know that flashcards are great for mastering vocabulary, tenses, and multiplication tables. However, they are also great tools for mastering definitions, different types of equations, equation graphs, chemical formulas, physics formulas, rote learning facts, and more.

Analytics (integration)

Analytics assessments

The insights provided by ITSI’s analytics gives educators a clear overview of
students’ engagement with the content. Having relevant analytics ensures that
educators can react to learning challenges timeously.

  • ITSI provides insight into students’ real-time engagement and study habits. In a traditional teaching environment, tests and examinations indicate a student’s understanding of the work, with limited insight into a student’s daily engagement with the content, textbooks, or other educational resources.
  • Through the insights provided by ITSI’s miEbooks analytics, educators can monitor a student’s engagement with the content and compare this with other students in the class to implement timeous interventions.

Keep track of your students’ engagement with the content.
Intervene timeously, and share progress and insights with parents, such as:

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