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Mr Leonard Swart, Head of Academics: Midstream College is a private school, it’s parallel medium which means we cater for Afrikaans and English learners, situated in Centurion. This year marks our 10 year so I think we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved in 10 years, we’ve grown from just over 160 learners in 2007 to just over 900 learners this year. In our research, you know, we always wondered how we should go about implementing this E-learning process so as we visited schools, we were very fortunate, 1 school offered us what they called a road map. So they had already designed it and we followed it and it’s a very logical process and it helped us a lot. So many schools are really involved I think the idea is to go and visit them, learn from them and make your decisions based on that.

Ruan Rautenbach, Information Manager: The ongoing support is excellent, so they’re here once a week. That day of support makes a big difference and a lot of issues get resolved, also get up to speed with some, with the new advances that’s in the app. Another great thing about [Indistinct] is that there’s always constant development and they always listen to suggestion and any issues that we might raise.

Mrs. Marilda van Niekerk, Subject Manager: Geography Teacher (in Afrikaans): Ek hou van rekenaars en die feit dad ek virdie kinders alles kan gee wat ek wil gee in kleur was vir my die belangrikste, dat ek, as daar eenigsins erens a fout ingestluit dat did onmiddelik kan reg maan, die feit dat ek nie meer hoef afrol werk te doen nie is ongelooflik.

Mrs Jean Varges, Mathematics & LO Teacher: So, we effectively write our own textbook in the order that we want the children to work through. We’re able to create groups as well for the children, we have to make sure that what we do with 1 class, we do exactly the same with another class. This was a problem in the past for us because sometimes we wouldn’t get to see the children or we would forget to hand out a couple of notes, now it’s automatically there and given to them, they have the opportunity to come and see us if they don’t understand something that they’ve got.

Ruan Rautenbach (in Afrikaans): So die tablets is vir my baie geriefliker as die handboeke want al die notas, al die vraestelle, al jou inligting wat jy nodig het, artiekels is op een plek or die tablet.

Mrs Jean Varges: Our math teachers can upload all the past papers from the IEB or government schools.

Ruan Rautenbach: Use the analytics to look at what the teachers are actually doing regarding content, are they using the system and the support person will then also go to those teachers that we see are not necessarily utilising the system that much. We would then, you know, just touch bases with them, see where they need assistance and then also help with just getting them up to speed as well.

Mrs Jean Varges: In general, I’m an IT dinosaur and with this ITSI system I find it amazing. I attended a 1 hour training course on how to use it and I’ve been using it ever since.

Mr Leonard Swart: As far as the road ahead if concerned, you know, we’re always excited about what developments come our way. I have no doubt that ITSI would be at the forefront of that development. I think it does offer a school a competitive edge and it surely adds a skill to a learner he definitely can use after school. Eventually I must say that ITSI really offers what they claim to offer, it is truly a complete solution.

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