Past papers are an essential component of exam preparation for Matric learners. Practicing past papers help learners develop essential exam skills and techniques; having an idea of what will be asked, how it will be asked, and what the expected model solution will be is a key piece of knowledge for any learner who wants to succeed.

With only the last few years of past papers being relevant and available, hard working learners quickly run out of resources to work on. Repeating the same papers over and over again has little benefit and accompanying memorandums are not always easy to follow and don’t always explain how marks are earned.

To provide a product that met the market need head-on, Siyavula asked learners, parents, and teachers what they would expect from an online past paper product. These insights informed the development of a product that the Siyavula team believes will revolutionise past paper exam preparation.

Exam Prep by Siyavula Education currently caters to grade 12 Maths and Physical Science. This online resource provides infinitely many versions of past papers by making use of variable question items. Allowing learners to practice the most relevant exams, as many times as necessary.

Whilst practicing, instant feedback is provided to learners to immediately correct any errors or misconceptions. The worked solutions assist learners in understanding where they went wrong and how to improve on their previous attempt. On returning to their dashboard, learners are able to get an overview of how they are performing on both a question and topic level – Being able to gauge performance at the topic level allows for better focus and optimised planning.

Exam Prep will offer to learners:

  • Practice by question – to focus on specific question types
  • Practice by topic – for targeted improving
  • Practice the exam as a whole – to get an indication of overall performance
  • A result (percentage) per question, and ability to track progress
  • A result (percentage) per topic, and ability to track progress
  • Feedback on problematic topics
  • A record of time spent on specific questions and topics, to keep track of speed and effort.

For ease of use they also designed an intuitive interface to assist learners with:

  • question selection,
  • topic selection,
  • and past paper selection.

Siyavula’s always had a mobile-first approach, with their products being accessible on virtually any mobile device with internet access. Their relationship with both MTN and Vodacom also allows for increased accessibility as the program has been zero-rated on both networks – no data fees are incurred whilst using their online programs. Without a doubt, learners from around the country, regardless of skill level or circumstance, will benefit from this new product.

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