Within 21st-century education, e-learning is likely one of the most complex terms that we use on a frequent basis. In this article, “e-learning” refers to the use of ICT in conjunction with traditional face-to-face educational methods in the classroom, therefore providing a blended learning experience.

Slameto, an Indonesian researcher, conducted an extensive field research project concerning e-learning and primary schools. Slameto identified five Indonesian primary schools and selected one teacher from each of the identified schools – the common denominator being the subject they taught, Social Sciences on the 5th grade level – to receive training in orientation of electronic devices, e-learning, e-quizzes, LMS use, and online assignments.

The teachers implemented these methods into their educational duties and were monitored over the course of three two-hour contact sessions, which encompassed e-learning methodology from implementation to assessment to measuring student learning. The data from these e-learning lessons were compared to data from classes that followed the same process albeit with conventional educational methods. Upon completion of this process, the following very promising conclusions were drawn:

Slameto concludes by stating “The high student learning outcomes with online learning [e-learning] occurs because students are more serious in their responses, motivated, and able to learn individually, in accordance with their learning potential”.

This provides substantial evidence for the success and advantages of e-learning in a primary school environment.

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